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PetroScope™Remote Visual Tank Inspection
Tanknology’s PetroScope™ system is the safest and most cost effectivemethod available to visually inspect theinterior of a UST without costly excavationor dangerous manned entry.

Petroscope™ Video Tank Inspection
Tanknology offers its exclusive Petroscope internal tank inspection for underground storage tanks. Petroscope is a tool that can be used to:
Evaluate the structural integrity of steel and fiberglass tanks
Evaluate the interior condition of lined tanks
Locate bungs and check for leaks
Find source of clogged filters
Locate debris in tanks
How does Petroscope work?
  After purging the tank of gasoline and vapors, a robotic camera is inserted into the fill pipe of the tank. The technician begins systematically scanning the tank, zooming in closely on suspect situations. The camera is able to observe anomalies such as pits, rust, obvious water intrusions, streaks and cracks which affect the integrity of the tank.
Why would I want to use Petroscope?
  Petroscope requires no excavation and minimal business disruption to perform a video inspection of the tank thus providing you a safe, cost-effective way to view the interior of your USTs.
What happens to the video tape?
  Once a thorough video inspection of the tank is complete, the tape is viewed by a corrosion engineer and a report is generated for the customer assessing the integrity of the tank. This tape also provides you with permanent documentation on the tank's interior condition on that day.
To find out more about Petroscope, call the Tanknology office nearest you for additional information.